Working Standard

We do Good not Fast
Our objective is to make lovely things and that takes time. Nearly everything we make is made specifically for the company or person who ordered it. Our Material and fittings tend to come from our Manufacturers. We also quality check our incoming materials and the work we do ourselves quite aggressively.

Making Quality Goods
We work hard to produce goods with beautiful Stitching and continually refine our processes. Selection of Material and Stitching Quality tells the quality of finished product. We have invested much time and money over the years both on tools and our ability to use them, but we continue to refine and improve our techniques. We are proud of the products we make, but we also work towards continuously improving

We are proud of and stand behind our products
This follows on from the point before. We exist to make lovely things and we do and for it to have a long and productive life with you. If you need us for any reason you only have to get in touch.